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African Fat Flusher Review

African Fat Flusher Review

Behind every invention, there lies a story. The invention of African fat flush is also a secret accident that has led to its discovery. African fat flusher is no different. The journey of its invention started with a lady named Sharon who was having major weight issues and was one way or the other, leading to differences in her married life. She had tried everything, from work out to diets, but nothing seemed to work. The couple finally wanted to give their relationship a chance and decided to go on a trip almost half a world away to Africa.

While on an adventurous raft ride in the mighty Zambezi River, she happened to lose control and was almost nearing death when some natives of the nearby place helped her to get out and even made sure that she was fed and treated properly. An African Shaman happened to give her a few red grapes with the stem to heal her quickly. And what she noticed after consuming them for a few days was that not only those grapes were helping to heal and making her pains go away but has also made her lose a tremendous amount of weight. She was not sure at first if grapes are the reason or if it is something else? But studies made by scientists and her research concluded that those red grapes with the stem are the ones that made the difference with her weight.

About African Fat Flusher Supplement

The African fat flusher supplement works on the principle that the natural herb extract, which is said to be red grapes stem found in African, targets the cells responsible for producing fat in a body and helps in the production of leptin hormone in the body. Once this hormone starts getting produced naturally, it helps control appetite and hunger. This principle has been made use of to make fat flusher supplements, which are referred to as African fat flusher supplements. These supplements have been proved to show effect every morning you get up after taking them. These supplements don’t need any diet to be followed concerning the food.

Who is behind African Fat Flusher supplements?

WTFU (wake the fork up) and Gary Watson is the person behind these African fat flush pills. Gary is the one who formulated this supplement. This weight loss program has been one of the most trending among weight loss programs all over. Gary Watson guarantees that one pill of supplement a day combined with 10-second-breakfast tips shows immense results in weight loss. He came up with a tag line “Belly fat can be flushed away overnight”. He happened to claim various people losing 15-20 pounds in a week. He also claims that there are hundreds of testimonials for these pills, everyone thanking him from the bottom of their heart for introducing something that was a life-changer for them.

There is a video being launched on the website that shows the story of Shannon and how she accidentally got introduced to this wonder food. He claims that there are some silent killers in our body, which these supplements suppress and lowers body fat. People using this; have been known to lose weight rapidly. The man behind the African fat flusher pills claims this to be a 100% guaranteed weight loss procedure and has advertised the product in a very amazing fashion.

Benefits of African Fat Flusher pills

Among so many benefits that these pills have, here are a few-

  • Natural ingredients – Having been advertised with natural ingredients, gives it an edge over other weight loss supplements available in the market. No additives, no chemicals at all.
  • Safe – As mentioned that the supplement is made from natural ingredients advertised comparatively safer to use and have minimal or no side effects as compared to other which tend to cause plentiful of side effects to a body
  • Other Uses – Apart from aiding in weight loss, these supplements have many other uses.
  • African Fat Flush helps in lowering blood sugar level
  • It helps in controlling cholesterol levels.
  • Aids in pain relief.
  • Controls the blood pressure if a body.
  • Target- The pills have been known to target the belly fat specifically. Apart from this, it also maintains appetite regulations.
  • The Desired Result- Pills combined with 10-secure-breakfast tip has been proved to show maximum effects.

The African Fat Flusher capsules are not costly as well as compared to other weight loss supplements. These have been known to be quite pocket- friendly.


Here is the price list

  • 30 days’ supply- $59
  • 60 days’ supply- $149
  • 180 days’ supply-$259

African Fat Flusher Ingredients

There have been many arguments related to the primary ingredient found in African fat flush supplements. Few say that it could be  African Mango extract which is its main ingredient and on the other handsome say it’s the Brazilian grape tree with the stem. The reason why some of them have been targeting Mango free extract is that there have been studies conducted that have it to be targeting Leptin. Some even say that both grape seeds and mango tree extract have been used. But according to the company formulated, it’s the grape seed extract which is the primary ingredient involved.

Not many studies have been conducted on the grape tree extract and its benefits are not known to the depth. Either it’s Mango tree extract or grape tree extract, it does not matter much because both are obtained from the natural sources having very little side effect which remains s worry of people using weight loss supplements.

The supplement mainly consists of Oralvisc to burn the fat. This is a combination of hydraulic acid and glycosaminoglycans. Moreover, it is controlling sugar and cholesterol levels too. Getting extra benefits while you are losing weight is like the cherry on the cake. Isn’t that truly amazing?

Side effects of African Fat flushing supplements

As discussed earlier, these supplements are derived from 100% natural ingredients and when we talk about being natural, it automatically implies that these have a minimum or no side effects at all.

The product can be used wisely without any fear of having side effects that might cause damage to your otherwise healthy body. The company assures the fact that even if you consume a pill every day, this would still not hamper with the proper functioning of your body. Having no side effects and positive effects in abundance are what makes the product stand different from the crowd of supplements available in the market.


  • Let’s discuss the pros of the African fat flusher pills-.
  • Cost- The cost of these pills is much less than that of other weight loss supplements available in the market.
  • Safety- these pills are safe to use. Having been derived from natural ingredients, these can be consumed safely without any hesitation.
  • No side effects – The pills have shown any side effects in any of the customers who have lost weight with these pills.
  • Money-back guarantee- These pills give you a guarantee that if it does not helps you in losing weight in 60 days. the company will return the entire money you paid for the polls.
  • Discounts- the Company has very special offers if the product is purchased in bulk. So what are you waiting for? Get up and get yourself enough supply of these pills right away.
  • Safe Money transactions- While allowing you to purchase the African Fat Flusher supplement online, it makes sure that all your transactions made through a visa or a MasterCard are safe.


  • Though the pills don’t have so many cons still we can discuss the one’s it has-
  • Caution- the African Fat Flusher company has always been telling the consumers to consume it with caution and consume the product wisely.
  • The consumers are advised to check with the doctor if they are consuming the pills for the first time.


Having been discussed the African fat flusher pills in detail, right from where it originated to how it works when consumed, we have gone through its ingredients and have found out that these are made up of 100% natural ingredients thus imposing no or minimal side effects in the body as opposed to other supplements available in the market. We have also discussed in detail about various pros and cons of the African Fat Flusher Diet Pills, having been concluded that they have numerous pros and very few cons.

Let’s not forget to mention the fact that these come with pocket-friendly prices and also with a guarantee to lose weight. The company to give the entire money back if in case you don’t find it appropriate. That is what we call having so much trust in it’s a product that the company and the man behind the formula are willing to pay you back because they know that the product benefits each irrespective of the age or the Gender. So why wait longer? Order the African fat flush supplements now line on the website and get attractive discounts and speedy delivery.

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