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Tryin' to joqq my shyt?
didn't think so
'Cuz no matter what you copy,
you're still just a silly hoe.

To all da haters:You think youre hot,but you know the deal...well its me and you know who be keeping it real!!
I gOt aLL tHoSe B1TcHes
sHaKiNg iN fEaR
qUiCk tOTaLk Sh1T
YeT ScArEd tO cOmE nEar
i KnEw ALoT mORE tHaN u ThOuGHt i DiD
FoUnD OuT ALoTtA ThiNgZ u THoUGhT u HiD
The More frirnds You Got
The more Problems You See
Cuz Everyone Thats A Part Of your Life
talks shyt when you can`t see
iF u GoT sUmThIn tO sAy To Me SaY iT StRaiGhT
*CaUsE bEiN aLL sHaDy iS OnE tHiNg i HaTe*
! Look At Me and lOoK at u.!
Now tElL me hunny...
WhO's JeAlOuS oF wHo?
Fukin..b1tch..Ho..oOo No!
DoNt DrOp Da NaMeS CuZ YoU JoK dA fLoW
TaLkIn BeHiNd My BaK LiKe 'i DoNt No'
EvRyTiMe i CoMe ThRu ItS LiKe
oOh ShYt C33'z HeRe Yo!
U SwEaR U KnOw Me
CuZ Ya HeArD My NaMe
BuT iF Ya EvA rEaLLy MeT Me
YuD KnOw Da GaMe
dRaMa NeVa EnDs And HaTaS ArE aLL tHa SaMe
tHeY sMiLe To Ya FacE aNd sPiT oN yA NaMe
*wHiLe aLl yA'lL tAlK bOuT mE...*
*I SiT bAcK aNd tHiNk...*
*dAmN I gOt mYsElF a fAn cLuB!*
BytChz dUnT hAtE Me CuZ U aInT Me3h...
*[{ JeL0uSziEe }] *
wUt i LiVe OfF oF..

sexy little shorty... 100 percent.
tryin' to kill my rep ??
nah, you won't make a dent.
ByTcHeZ tHrOwIn ShYt On My NaME.. DaTs A sHaME..
It AiNt Muh FaUlT iM
da HoTtEsT bYtcH iN dA gAmE

SpEaK wELL oF uR eNeMiEz
..YoU wErE tHe OnE wHo MaDe ThEm..
-Ta aLL yOu HaTaZ-
-Do WhAt yOu Do-
-..i AiNt GoNnA wAsTe –
-mY tImE oN yOu..-
Hating on a certain name
Only gives them the fame.
i drOp shyt.. h0es pOp it.. dem birdiez fOll0w it... gOt my name in yO mOuth? b1tch swallOw it

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