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Hey everyybuddie(: Its me Sarahh<3
Heres a couple of my best friends in the world :

Number One N Only : Jacob Smith.
I love him. with all and everything inside me.
He's my big brother & best friend.
If we ever stopped talking.. I would like.. kill myself.
I dont- no scratch that -I cant loose him.
So no matter whaaat, Imma have his back through it all.
He's such a funny ass person , he is guranteed to make u piss your pants.
Dont ever second guess him .. Cuz he'll do anything he says he will.
Im so proud of him in him skating and him running track.
When hes happy.. Im more than happy.
He's my source of laughter and life.(::
I love you jakerz!!

Number Two N Forever : Tyler Vondraa<3

Girl you kno I love her.

We get along like ...

Well so she says 'two balls in a ball sack'

.. Ha haa(: I cant stand seeing her mad or sad,

Cuzz she's my other half.

We laugh.. n cry.. and laugh s'more.. Then cry s'more.

But as you can see, we've gotten through and over shit like .. fast.

Luv yuh bitch

My next 3rd best friend is of course : Destinee<3

She knows I love her , And I will always have her back.

She helps me and makes me very happy<3

She's a beautiful, caring, sweet, and just down-n-out girl.

When it comes to lifes downs, shes the one to make my day better.

Love you soo much girliee!(:"*

My nexxt 2 besties are Danielle n Jessicaa.

Dudes : I luvv them.

Dont ever fuck with them.

Or your SERIOUSLY fuckin with me.

Loll So Yupp, These Chickz R Down.

Cool as hell & prettie as fuck. Dont you ever step foot near them!

Or lay a finger on them! Loll . Luvv yuh guys.

My nexxt 2 other bestieees are Jade n Jaquee<3

Love them so much & will always have their backs dude!

Lol we have had some damn scary times as well as fun ones.

Ha haa I can amuse them so much & make them laugh.

Thats why I love them. Cuz they think everything is funnie(::

I've got SO much other good frens.. But this shit is just takin up my time. Loll. So I gott'z to goo(::

But hit me up later, I'll put you on here.

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