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Shrek Forever After: A Good Sequel of a Good Story

Shrek is still very popular old dog. We all want to know something about his life; we want to see new adventures of this ogre and his friends. Shrek Forever After gives people what they want and tell the story of average ogre’s day which alters the whole world.

Almost ten years passed since we saw Shrek, Fiona and their friends for the first time. Children from all over the world adore this kind green ogre. But, let’s be honest not only children like Shrek, but grown-ups watch Shrek’s adventures with great pleasure. And when the creators of the animated movie announce one more story from Shrek’s company life, all of us wait for it, counting days before the opening night.

Actually, I even couldn’t imagine how popular this film is: there are a lot of books about Shrek, there are even serious works considering the animated film, hundreds of custom essays, and, of course, it goes without saying that there are a lot of video games and millions of things with Shrek and his friends’ images.

In spite of some pessimistic talks about the fourth film, I was sure that Shrek can never fail, for each of the main heroes is a bundle of charm and charisma; each of the heroes is a complex and developing personality. And, actually, I was right: Shrek’s creators surprised and amused me. I really enjoyed new looks of the old friends. Especially I enjoyed leisurely but dignified appearance of Puss in Boots.

I just love him! I even think this is the best Puss in Boots ever. To my mind, this character even deserves specific attention in paper writing of people who consider modern culture as reflection of our society. Here I am not talking about obesity. Here I want to stress that all of the heroes open new interesting facets of their character, though, they are still those brave and committed friends as always. If you happened, due to some unnatural cause of events, not to see Shrek Forever After I highly recommend you to do it!

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